Our clients quickly learn two things about custom woodwork – it’s neither more expensive nor more complex than using premanufactured solutions. You’ll enjoy our work for years to come, but the advantages of customization begin right at the start of our four step process.

1. Consultation

We begin with a discussion about your project, the location where it will be installed, and your vision for the end result. Whether you have a good idea what you want or you need suggestions from our designer, we’ll be there to help. We provide many examples of our work for you to draw inspiration from, but your final piece will be uniquely yours. We succeed by making our customers truly happy and, unlike your experience with a home improvement store, you’ll get what you really want instead of what you have to settle for.

2. Design

Starting with the idea created during the consultation phase, our experienced designer gathers more specific information about your project. This usually involves visiting the home or business to plan, problem solve, and brainstorm within the existing space, particularly if it is not a new construction, and discuss required materials. In order to meet with you on your schedule, he is also available in the evenings. We may speak with your contractor or have measurements for the dimensions of your final space. Before moving to the next phase, we create a complete 3D model of your project for final review and approval.

3. Construction

Our craftsmen manufacture every component of your project at our facility in Fulton. Styles, stains, treatments, and hardware can be custom matched to wood and decor already in place. We offer a variety of countertops, too: laminate, custom made on-premises solid surface sinks and tops, and granite, plus a variety of other surfaces and can custom cut edges to a customer’s design wishes. We take great pride in our work and it’s evident in everything we create.

4. Installation

Our work is generally delivered to your contractor for final installation. Where necessary, we can provide references for contractors in your area. Unlike pre-manufactured items, Riverside’s work is ready to install. Your contractor will not have to adapt the piece to your location because we’ll build it custom fit to the job site as necessary. However, if you don’t have a contractor, we are also available to help with the installation of your pieces.

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